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Alhamdhulillah, by the grace of Allah, It is well known that by the help of Allah the trust has been functioning quietly without much publicity. The success of the constructive works of the trust, including the IAS academy, has been popularized all over India via the mainstream media like THE HINDU, NDTV, HEADLINES TODAY. This prompted many organizations across India, like Jamait Ulama-iHind, have requested us to expand our services across many parts of India. Following these requests, and to expand the educational services of the trust, named INTEGRATED KNOWLEDGE, LEARNING AND SERVICES (IKLAS) A quick look on some of the services offered by us…

Our Vision

IKLAS I.A.S Academy for the benefit of the Minority community. This academy was started with the intention for the upliftment of Indian Youth, who lack behind in the field of Indian civil services.

Our Mission

IKLAS I.A.S. academy provides best of the faculties for civil services coaching in an excellent environment, will inculcate with good ethics so in future the candidates of the academy will be pious and God fearing I.A.S/I.P.S officers who are free from evils like bribe, corruption and misuse of office and serve for the betterment of Minority community and India as a whole.